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KiVisions Leader Development Process

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"At KiVisions, we set ourselves apart from the competition.
We provide application strategies… NOT JUST WORDS!"

The basis of Your Flight Plan is the 1st step on any plan: Figure out where you are. 


We could spend days upon days unraveling the myths surrounding “Leadership” (and we do on our blog…). The reality, like other roles for people in positions of authority, the leader role requires incredible skillsets.  BUT, a key differentiator: The leader role also requires the proper mindsets. 


Do you know what those mindsets are? Throughout your leader development, we will help you not only know what they are but how to gain them as well as the skillsets great leaders build. 


Start Your Flight Plan! With us as your Wingmen, you will Soar!  Contact us.

The Make Your M.A.R.K! Cycle
Good people who are serious about their leader development journey will get the most out of the KiVisions Leader

Development Process if they follow this cycle:

Adopt the proper Mindset to ensure you are mindful of the impact your actions have on others,

                Take the Actions that will achieve your goal(s),  Measure

    and Assess your Results to ensure you are On Course,

              Become a Knowledge-Leader; share what you learn. 

The Successful Ventures in Human Dynamics Model

The Steps in the Model:

The plane (you, your “crew”, etc.):

  1. Must be pointed toward the desired destination and

  2. Properly “outfitted” to accomplish the mission/achieve the vision.
    Competent use of the following forces and conditions will help you better lead your “crew”.

  3. Lift gives you the potential to “get off the ground”.

  4. Thrust propels you forward and allows potential Lift to become actual Lift. 

  5. Drag holds you back. 

  6. Weight makes it harder to “get off the ground and climb”.   

  7. External Conditions are the obstacles over which you have little control or influence.  Some are to be avoided; others must be dealt with. 


The KiVisions Gyroscope System

The key to unlocking the secrets of our Successful Ventures in Human Dynamics Model is the core of the System: the KiVisions "Helping True Leaders Soar to Greatness" leader development series:  

     Phase-1: “On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!” 

     Phase-2: “Become the Boss You Always Wanted” 

     Phase-3: “The Leader’s Magic Mirror” 
       (2 parts):
         First Look:
              Your Internal R.E.F.L.E.C.T.I.O.N. 

         Second Take:
              Your External I.M.A.G.E. 

     Phase-4: “Lead with P.R.I.D.E.” 

     Phase-5: “True Leaders Grow Forward” 

     Phase-6: “The Leader’s Path: From the Ideal -----> Ordeal ------> Real Deal” 

     Phase-7: “The Leader’s ‘Investment’ Tool: Ken’s I.R.A.” 

     Phase-8: “Make Your Organization C.L.I.C.K.” 

     Phase-9: _________ (Built to meet your needs and keep you Growing Forward)

The Leaders Challenge

Earn the Ratings that will ensure you have the ability and confidence to serve as a Great Leader and navigate evermore complex situations: 

Rating #1: Earn Your Wings

Rating #2: Master Flight

Rating #3: Soar!

As complements to the ratings, our Ground School will help you get On Course; our Maintain Currency option helps keep you On Course.

KiVisions™ Leader Development Process

Download the KiVisions Leader Development process explanation by clicking the button below! 

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