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Our Motto:

Make Monday something you and your crew look forward to…


Soaring Leaders Academy 

Educates and clarifies concepts for leaders who are hungry to Grow Forward ©


Scope: Individual &/or “crew” growth.


Focus: Build awareness of and provide “how to” knowledge in the skills necessary to become a Great Leader.


True Leaders Forum 

Helps leaders establish and achieve their personalized vision. 


Scope: Individual & “crew” growth. 


Focus: Build awareness of an individual’s current capability to lead a crew and provide the opportunity to improve the skills necessary to become a Great Leader.


Impact on Results 

Capitalizes upon our proprietary C.P.E.G.-=+I.O.R. method. 


Scope: Organizational performance and growth. 


Focus: Ensure the people affiliated with our client organizations and the systems they use are aligned to achieve organizational goals.

Some KiVisions' Differentiators



    Leader development isn’t “one-size-fits-all”


                 We work with you at your expected level of leader readiness:

  • Emerging Leaders: relatively inexperienced; learning to understand/deal with expectations.

  • Leaders with History: have depth and breadth of experience; learning to consistently achieve excellence.

  • Leaders of Leaders: understand the necessity to master the development of other leaders.


    Our Services include:

  • Leader Development

  • Dynamic, Inspirational Keynotes

  • Interactive Workshops/Seminars (OnLine & Face-to-face possibilities)

  • Coaching to increase awareness of current capability and improve your skills.

  • Consulting based upon our proprietary C.P.E.G.=+I.O.R method to help your organization perform & grow.


   Engagement Options


                  Based upon your ability and willingness to engage we offer the following levels:

  • Exposure

  • Understanding

  • Self-Monitoring

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