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KiVisions Products & Services Serve as Your Leader’s Toolkit

To become a great leader, learn and apply the Mindsets and Skillsets that are required to

Unlock, Engage, and Optimize human potential.

Start by adopting the most fundamental Mindset; learn to be mindful of the impact your actions

have on others:  

Become the A.C.E.

Then build the Skillsets that will help you succeed. 

Soaring Leaders Academy™

(Teaching/Mentoring Brand)

To help you grow:

     “On Course: Become a

      Great Leader and Soar!”  

On Course:  Your Plan of Attack:  The course that supplements the book; get On Course and begin to master the use of the Successful Ventures in Human Dynamics Model™   (Coming Soon)

On Course: Live Event: Gather with other like-minded leaders and take your capability to a much deeper level (Date TBA; check back for details) 

 The Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community™: Leader development should be a process, not an event. The Make Your M.A.R.K! Community™ provides continuous growth and connection with other leaders.

The KiVisions Afterburner Collection™: The items listed are a sampling from a long list of leader development topics we can deliver to meet your needs; delivery options include workshops, seminars, group coaching, etc.



     Inspirational Leadership

     Emotional Intelligence

     Effective Communication

     Collaborative Teams

     Employee Engagement

     Culture:  Set-In-Stone or Adaptable to Change?






 Keynote Options Currently Being Offered:

     The Make Your M.A.R.K.! Cycle™

     The Successful Ventures in Human Dynamics Model™

     A Leader’s Wake-up Call (From “I Win to We Win”)

     Bosses Don’t Have to Suck


Impact On Results™

(Consulting Brand)

Although our proven C.P.E.G =+ I.O.R™ methodology provides a template to guide us as we help you align your organization.  Consulting has too many facets to address in a “one size fits all” package.  It just isn’t likely that package would adequately meet your unique needs. 

“Give us a call or send an email“


We’ll deliver services that will make your (and our) competitors jealous.

True Leaders Forum™

(Coaching/Facilitated Master Minds Brand)

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