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The Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community™: leader development should be a process, not an event.

  The Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community provides continuous growth and connection with other leaders. 

  • Leader development is best done as a process.  The topics addressed in our Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community™ help you start at the most fundamental level and advance, in depth and scope, until you become a Leader of Leaders.

  • What’s included?

    • A Pre-Flight Briefing: pre-recorded presentations on topics vital to your development (3-4 of these each month); 

    • A Pre-Flight Baseline: our proprietary journaling tool to help you record where you are and develop a plan for your growth; the appropriate segments are delivered along with each Pre-Flight Briefing.

    • I’ve Got Your 6! Facebook Group; for flyers, the easiest things to “see” are right in front of you (what flyers refer to as the 12 o’clock position); the most difficult are those things that are right behind you (the 6 o’clock position); the members of this group have committed to “watch your 6!” and help keep you from “getting your butt shot off!”

    • Periodic gatherings of all members with a KiVisions Certified Leader Coach facilitating the session (usually conducted on the web conferencing package we use)

    • Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community members receive 5% discounts on other KiVisions products and services.

    • EARN A FREE MONTH…for each friend or colleague you sponsor into joining our Make Your M.A.R.K.! Community for at least 2 months.

    • All this for only $25/month.

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