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Need the best results from your Team?

Are you getting the greatest possible return on the investment you make in the people you hire?

This is a problem for many (most?) leaders. It frustrates leaders who wonder if they have what it takes. Part of the problem: The lack of ROI from the development opportunities they purchase.

Many share, “I feel some beast is thwarting our progress, keeping us from where we should be!” Since I was failing to lead in my first position, I understand that frustration. I, too, wondered if I had what it takes...

Exploring this deeply, I found 4 items holding back leaders and their respective teams. I titled these 4 “The Leader’s Dilemma”. Here they are:

1. Leaders are unsure what they are expected to accomplish.

2. Leaders aren’t even sure what they are: Boss, Leader, Manager, etc.?

3. Leaders are under significant pressure to produce, which results in Leaders using less than productive “styles”.

4. Leaders complain, “Why isn’t there a system to lead like the systems we have to manage (e.g., Lean/6 Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, PDCA Cycle, etc.)?”

Are you tired of going home each day knowing your team should have accomplished so much more?

What would your life be like if you spent more time solving your clients/customers problems instead of your own, internal problems? (E.g., Productivity, Turnover, Mistakes, Communication, Infighting, Culture, etc.)

We spent 30+ years, in the “trenches” of the world’s greatest leadership laboratory, building, testing, & refining the revolutionary System that will strengthen your Leadership Team. When you begin to Soar, you will become the leader others emulate…

I’m guessing that when I show you the System that solves all these problems and more, you will want to check it out and see how well it works for you/your team. Am I right? Send me a note

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Ken Pasch

Ken Pasch, CHE

Chief, Soaring Leader’s Ally (& CEO)

KiVisions, The Leader

Transformation Company

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