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Why Us?

 There are many companies that allude to their ability to provide leader development but many focus on what a leader is, not how to become one. We do both because you need both.

Because I had the privilege to fly in the United States Air Force, many of our products/services have an aeronautical "flair". Comparing my flying experiences with the tools I subsequently needed to lead medical facilities helped me realize the connection between the Dynamics of Flight and Leader Development. 

As much as I appreciate the work of others, many have adopted and use the analogy of "Getting the right people on the bus". Here's the problem, a "bus" Offdrives on predetermined roadways (you know when you are off the road). Flying is more akin to business than driving because if you fail to use proper "instruments", you may not know you are Off Course until you crash..

What we do for you and the people you will lead:

Unlock, Engage, & Optimize your full potential.


Help you make good decisions today; that will still be the good decisions tomorrow.

Help you chart the pathways that lead to the full use of your unique talent. 

Your Flight Plan...

About the Creator of the KiVisions Leader Development Process

Ken’s professional life includes:


Over 2 decades leading high quality healthcare organizations

A distinguished flying career in the US Air Force

Certified Healthcare Executive, American College of Healthcare Executives

Certified Leader Coach – CLdrC

15+ years presiding over his consulting company

15+ years teaching for the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University

Host for “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!” the syndicated radio talk show, which helps you learn to lead by example


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